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Jacks Patch

This long-established garden centre lies in a stunning spot at the mouth of the River Teign. Just after the war, a flat capped character called Jack ran an allotment on the 15 acre site, selling his produce to passers by and paying a rent to British Rail of just £15 a year... a sum to which Jack adhered, despite BR's best efforts, until the late 1970s! He eventually sold the land to the Hepworth family, who built up a thriving garden centre called Jack's Patch with a strong local focus. The centre is now returning to these local roots, attracting customers from the area as well as visitors from many miles away.

We sell top quality growing stock, gardening products and garden furniture as well as birdcare products, floristry, houseplants and books. Our restaurant has panoramic views over the river and sells delicious home-made snacks and lunches whilst our staff are friendly and helpful horticultural experts who pride themselves on giving good practical advice to expert and amateur gardeners alike.

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Wheelchair access and free hire.

Children's play area.


Carry to car service.

Parent and baby facilities.

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Location: London TW8 8JF

Telephone: 0344 272 3000